@ Blogchatter

How about taking up a challenge? At least one challenge in life that forces me to write regularly?

Writing everyday should be a writer’s everyday goal – and almost an impossible goal for me till date – one needs to be very much organized to fulfill this kind of goal.  I’ve always dreamt of being one – never became one. Finally Blogchatter brought me the scope to become one by announcing a challenge – like they did in previous years.

But what is going to be the THEME?


Nothing Serious!

I am not going to show a direction to reach our life’s goals – that path we find on our own, as we gather experiences and learn from our experiences.

I am going to reveal how some people from the war-torn Maharashtra of 17th century found the direction to fulfill their life’s goals learning from their life’s experiences. Sounds Interesting?

You are right! I am going to present a HISTORICAL FICTION.


Let’s have a look at a fascinating period of Indian History!