As long as I am going though Blogchatter writing festival and have as many as 55 books before me now, I cannot stop myself from commenting on at least some of those big efforts. I admire all my fellow writers for taking a big leap and working hard to present a beautiful e-books – some of them has become a star author by now. Congratulations to all of you.

In some cases I felt there are room for improvements – I will mention those here, not to offend you, but as my opinion. Always remember, readers are the king, it is sales report that matters at the end of the day, not critics – my opinion is not that important. (If it was, then I would have advised couple of celebrity authors too to improve their research-method before writing 😉 )

Hence, first three of my selected book today:

Title: Golden rainbow

Author: Balaka Basu

Genre: Short stories

Medium: E-book

The author narrated precious moments with people she met in different junctures of her life – making the book a collection of 26 unique stories. Her simple narration presents the characters alive before the readers – the collection becomes a cherished memoir for the reader as well. Starting from her once neighbor Aji to the Hindu wife Yasmin –we identify almost everyone in our neighborhood and families. I am sure many of her our age misses Xavier Biveras, some talented people in our college days who lost track being attracted by some or other unholy unions. The smart Waheeda brought me back memories of smart housemaids I met.

Zahir Khan the Cricketer is the odd one among all of them – obviously – he doesn’t match the class the author talks about in other twenty-five stories. Another thing I missed in this collection is illustration. If I imagine this to be a printed book, I see characters presented with every story, probably as cartoon. With a little editing here and there, that would make this an interesting collection of stories by Indian middle class, of Indian middle class, for Indian middle class.

I would tell this is a fun read above all.

Title: Ancient Cities of India

Author: Sayan Bhattacharya

Genre: History

Medium: E-book

Ancient Cities of India by Sayan Bhattacharya was a matter of interest to be from the beginning of A2Z challenge. History and historical characters are source of my work too albeit in a different way, Sayan’s works seemed to be good reference for history lovers. And it really is – he presented a well researched book on twenty four locations of historical as well as mythological interest in India.

Some places like Krishna’s Dwarka are known to us – thanks to TV serials, but what about Ahichchtra, Bairat and Ek-Chakra nagari? You have to read Sayan’s book to know all those. Only problem is with Xuanzang and Yavana. They are no geographical locations and hence, looks little odd in this collection. I miss another thing – photograph or illustration. For an author without big budget, collecting suitable illustration with all stories is difficult, but if managed somehow, that would make a collection like this even more interesting.

Title: The last Seychelles flame

Author: Medha Nagur

Genre: Fiction

Medium: E-book

Medha Nagur’s fiction The last Seychelles flame narrates the story of a girl from low-income group – how her dreams come true after her going through economic troubles as well as emotional upheavals during different phases of her life. The author has flair for writing. I liked the plot and the personal touch, the emotion and the fluency.

This is a story of struggle of achievement – a story that encourages promising a happy ending at the end without much critical analysis. Seychelles as travel destination is nicely depicted; this will encourage the readers to have a trip to the island city.

I would recommend this for people who look for a light read, probably during a flight or overnight rail-journey – the story of the happy union of Om and Adrija as well as their professional success will keep you happy during your trip . All’s well that ends well.