Title: Coming Home to Nature

Author: Pragun

Genre: Lifestyle

Medium: E-book

Pragun’s “Coming Home to Nature” is a collection of 26 articles on nature’s wonders. She explores the beauty of nature. Well aware of the nature’s role in human life, she tries to explain how she sees the manifestation of various parts of nature like air, cloud, desert, valley, jungles or water. I have little doubt about inclusion of articles like kitchen garden or zoo in this list – but probably that is done to maintain the alphabetic order.

This book is good to introduce children to nature, teach them how to feel nature, how gardening and landscaping helps in conservation, how to accept animals and birds as part of nature and how to preserve nature with all its beauties to secure future of the human race. I don’t know for which age group she writes. On the adults, only the author’s describing own relationship with nature may not leave an impact.

If I consider the format, it looks more a blog than a book. Is the title page added but not downloadable?  The editing and formatting need to be taken care of so that the content becomes more attractive.

Title: Tales with a Twist

Author: Varadharajan Ramesh

Genre: Fiction\Short stories

Medium: E-book

Varadharajan Ramesh presents 29 ‘short stories’ in his “Tales with a Twist”. The majority of this collection is crisp and mesmerizing piece of writings. Also the long stories like “Journey” and “The Loop” are  excellently weaved. Each of the stories leaves a long lasting tangy taste in the mouth of the reader.

You like noir? – And possibly some excellently designed story with an unimaginable twist at the end? You should not miss this efficiently crafted collection then. V. Ramesh establishes himself as a successful story writer with this one collection

I found room from improvement in formatting. In a collection, reader usually don’t expect long and short stories in the same collection. I would suggest the author to include stories of similar length in one collection

Must read one I would say.