Photo credit : Wikimedia commons

Today was our rest day in Uttarkashi. We fell in love with this district-town. My group left to roam around the city – leaving me behind. But I am not a person to refrain from my goal so easily. After they left hotel, I too set off at around ten in the morning. I love solitary walk since childhood. I am loner.

Vishnu does not let me walk alone. I tried to slip after dinner last night, with the pretext of applying eye drops. I saw Vishnu behind me as soon as I sneaked through the gate. We walked together for some time. Why is he so careful about me?

I started walking. Crossing the bus stand, I proceeded towards Ganga taking narrow lanes of the town those tear the thickly crowded town into slices – choice of pedestrians.  Soon I found a hanging bridge that crosses the river. I crossed the river. The town seemed busier this side. I took the wide road under the scorching sun. An umbrella could be really helpful in the April climate here. However, I took right and found the wide bridge for vehicles across the river. Don’t know how long I stood on his – watching giggling water flowing below. Then took the same route through which I came; still failed to identify it.  How I reached the backside of the Busstand, which is a large vegetable market, seems mysterious! I didn’t notice fish or meat stalls here, but non-vegetarianism is not banned in Uttarkashi, that I am sure. I have seen some tourists having mutton in eateries.

My friends came back after long I had reached. Nehru Mountaineering Institute is one of the must-visit places we wanted to go tomorrow. The institute is little far from here – on the other side of the river. First we decided to stay here another day to complete visiting all worthy locations. But the troupe’s decision changed instantly as heavy rain started in the afternoon. We can’t trust rainfall’s mood in these areas – should leave in the morning tomorrow to save ourselves from getting stuck here for long. There are more places in Himalayas where we still have to set our footprints.

The rain stopped sometime back though it left the roads muddy all around. We won’t have an affair with roads here any longer. We have to prepare for a long Bus-trip towards Yamunotri tomorrow.


Photo Credit  Wikimedia commons