Ebook 1: I take on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Rashi whose ebook ‘The Color Of Love’ is also part of the mix.
About Rashi’s ebook: ‘Love is a color with different shades. This book has five short stories and each one depicts a different shade of love. Love can be beautiful, revengeful, a delusion, a fantasy or eternal. Get a taste of all through these stories.

Blogchatter carnival introduced me to many fellow-writers and their writings, but most amazing thing it did was to make me complete a novella. I try to write everyday with an intension to produce a book – but honestly speaking, I cannot. I end up writing short stories and translations, sometimes creating contents for others, but have never been able to complete a novel despite having written at least half a dozen plots! BlogchatterEbook Carnival pressurized me to the right extent, making me write a book – I must admit. Gratitude!
Being owner of one book feels good like standing on the first step of a long staircase. Having produced an ebook with cover page and all, I felt like a successful writer in the beginning. Then found issues with formatting that I could not rectify; then some areas in the book which could have been written better. But finally when couple of the readers came up with a comment that they liked the content – I felt heavenly. Thanks to blogchatter for bringing delight in a writer’s life.

Interested to know what my book “Love in the Battleground” https://www.theblogchatter.com/download/love-in-the-battleground-a-maharashtrian-saga-kathakali-mukherjee/ is about? Here is the summary for you:
Raghupati, a Rajput commander’s son and his sister Jyotibai was given shelter by a trusted chieftain after they lost their parents. The chieftain Balwantrao married Jyotibai. Raised in Maharashtra through ups and downs in life, Raghupati, on the other hand took up soldier’s job under Shivaji at a time when the Maratha leader was aggressively capturing forts with a goal to establish a Hindu empire destroying the Mughals. As the leader was determined to realize his dream through his smart strategy, the new employee was devoted to support the master.
The soldier fell in love with another orphaned Rajput girl, Saryu, who was being raised in a priest’s home. The priest gave consent to their marriage too. But the loyal soldier was thrown out of job on the basis of a cooked up a story against him. Heartbroken Raghupati took up travelling in disguise to regain his lost reputation. Later, as Shivaji was imprisoned by Mogul emperor in Delhi, the old employee supported him to escape.
But did his regaining own status and reuniting with Saryu lead to happy ending? Caught between lust and love, how did Raghupati found his way of life? Or all of them were destined to meet own fate, tangled with each others? This is a story of epic goal, personal ambition, affection, erotic desire and unrequited love of human life told on the backdrop of 17th century Maharashtra.

Ebook 2: I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Shilpa whose ebook ‘Notes From The Road’ is also part of the mix.
About Shilpa’s ebook: Traveling has has humbled her and made her realize that she is more capable than she believed. In ‘Notes from the Road,’ Shilpa shares her thoughts, views, experiences, tips, and stories which are inspired by her years on the road.