I went to bed – with a hope in my mind to dream. My love left me for sure, but at least in my dream I could spend some time with him, right?  I wanted to feel the smell of his body, touch of his skin – why not in dream even if not in reality?

Even dream betrayed me. I had a dream that night – but of Avira and her wretched husband! I saw Avira and I had been in an affair – such an absurd proposition! – And her husband had arrived with an unbelievably large mallet to beat us up for having an extra-marital affair. I got up sweating at midnight for hell’s sake – and to my surprise, felt hungry! Hunger is no surprise for me. I am foodie indeed. If you consider my food habit responsible for the enormous amount of fat I accumulated around my tummy and even chin, you are right. What I found strange was my feeling hungry at that time of the night. I had dinner with spicy Biriyani and Handi Chicken. Anger helped me finishing the large pack. As I realized hunger started diluting my anger, I felt baffled whether it was okay not to continue fuming against my bestie for marrying his bestie. I felt upset more with my vanishing anger than with ex-boyfriend’s forgetting me.

I snatched a pack of biscuits from my kitchen cupboard, swallowed them as quick as possible without paying attention to the screaming of poor stuffs being crushed between my incisors, pre-molars and molars – because I was eager to sleep. I did not go to bed, fell down on it. I heard myself snoring within moments.

I got up next morning  – only to discover myself on a grass-bed.


To be cont.