Truly scandalous! Me the beautiful short plump adorable smooth-skinned Peggy transformed into a tall lean muscular hairy man! Well yes – I did not like my mustache and traces of hair in my female body and forcefully removed that – and now as a man I can’t even do that! I hate hairless male body even more than a hairy female body – reason I find male models on the ramps and advertisements abominable. I stood horrified for sometime looking at my face and bust – as much as was visible in the small mirror; then looked at my hands and feet. I didn’t gather courage to look at my genitals – curiosity led me to touch it – yes I had sneaked into a complete male body. Only thing I was clueless about was how it had happened. I wanted to sit in my favorite thinking posture – there was no chair. I needed tooth-brash and paste but was not sure whether I could get any of those in that kind of environment. My second worry was about toilet.  We may not expect a western style lavatory when living in a tent, but I could not stop myself from falling prey of the anxious thought about how to manage cleaning a man’s body. My throat was drying. I cried – “Help” – the voice sounded terrible like a donkey’s – as if it was being beaten up before it started working.

The sight of the dark young girl brought me comfort this time. She was waiting outside – came running hearing me yelling.

I was a periodic beauty salon visitor, never thought twice before baring my ugly little body before the masseurs during my week-end relaxation sessions. That was the first day in my life I felt embarrassed when two lady masseurs oiled and massaged my body before giving it a bath. I surrendered myself to them. My thoughts went blank. They dressed that guy in some purple silk cloths; too expensive for me but by then I guessed the body I checked in was of some royal descendants – much wealthier than me.

I was served breakfast – some porridge made of flavored rice and milk, sweetened with honey. Anyway the bitter taste of the twig of a neem-tree, which I had to use as toothbrush, was still strong in my mouth.

I was cheered by a small armed force as I came out of the tent, “Long live King Dusmanta – King of the Kings – Descendant of the Great Bharata!”

To be cont.