I have never seen such a luxurious green forest. I have been to many during hunting festivals each year. I have heard my men found it little difficult to select a good one for me this time. But I should praise them for bringing me here! Before me lies a grazing field beside a wide marshland. On my right and left I see dense forests which probably ended somewhere at the foot of the hills standing facing me miles away. The newly rain-bathed freshness of the green enchants me.

Quite unexpectedly, at the moment when I am supposed to be concentrating on my show of strength, I remember that fat little Peggy. Forest trips brought a genuine thrill of excitement to that temperamental lady. I remembered her short plump fingers showing a bird on the top of a silk cotton tree in full bloom. Was she an imagination in Dusmanta’s heart? Why does she enter my mind at such a wrong time? There are abundant silk cotton trees in this forest but devoid of those killer red flowers in this season. Morning sun is still spraying its soothing light; by the time jungle animals would come out of the forest driven by my ferocious men, he will be raging. How do time change so swiftly? When did I see Peggy last time? “Sigh!” someone whispers near me – as close as if she is sitting beside me! I recognize Peggy’s voice – her telling “Sigh” instead of actually sighing – this was expression of her rage. Where is she? I look around…

“Here here! inside you.”  – She really sounds angry.

“What are you doing inside me?” – I am King Dusmanta!

“Yes, the nasty fucker – I remember his story I read in my childhood.”  – Why does she need to use those manly slang? She does it since times immemorial but I don’t know the logic behind this lady’s word use.

I sigh, “No, you misunderstand me. I love women – and never been nasty to them. But what are you doing inside me?”

She seems not in mood of answering my question. Continues, “So you are going to kill those poor animals now? What a sign of bravery, Man!”

I ignore her taunting me. Reply with my natural royal calmness, “That’s part of my royal duty. Hunting is an operation, not mere killing. This needs skill.”

“And great management plan!” – I do not know what enraged her so much. She did not stop teasing. I feel curious. I want to know where did I met this lady that she remained in my memory even though I forgot the moment I met her. Why did she come back today and then – sits inside me! I felt slight chill in my spine. Is she a ghost? I have heard of ghost women’s invading men’s body in the lonely forests. But figuring that out will need time and now I don’t have time while beat party went inside forest long back. I have to be prepared to confront jungle animal anytime now. I scream hoping to scare the lady-ghost away with the power of my voice, “Get lost! My time is precious! I did not give you permission to waste it!”

Probably my voice scares her. She goes silent. I here an uproar instead – my beat party is chasing some large animals it seems – those scared beasts have no other option but to gather in the plush green field before me. I sit straight on my horse, look behind – my two trusted hunters are waiting attentively – guarding my body from the savage beasts is their job, in case something unpleasant happens. No nothing will happen – I change my posture placing a strong arrow on my long heavy Bow straight pointing at the field.

To be cont.