I go to bed late knowing that a sleepless night is waiting for me. Love arrives before a man like a strange lightening in the darkness which illuminates the word only to certain extent for a moment. We try to catch hold of the same lightening again and again, but she never reappears. What stranger is that even after knowing the futilities of mortal love, we cannot ignore its perpetual attraction. I do not know whether I fall in love with the ladies or with love itself. But whenever love comes, she carries me away with her strong force. I am feeling the same now.

But how could I meet her again? What if she is a Brahmin’s daughter who is a disciple of the Sage? That will bring curses strong enough to sweep my entire clan away. But Brahmin’s daughters are as dull as their academic parents even in their youth. Regulated by discipline and rigour, they never bloom to intriguing beauty. Then how come she glitters in a youthful glow that is visible only in my finest dancers and heavenly nymphs? I know I cannot rest unless I can solve the mystery. But how to collect information about her? The king can visit the hermitage once or twice again, but asking anyone about her would hurt the royal dignity. Sending hunters are common spies won’t make sense while they do not know the fineness of the task of collecting information about a desirable girl. I remember Botu, my childhood companion, my court comedian, middle-aged Brahmin who is good at not only making one laugh, but also great at sensitive spying activities like this. My lone concern is his habit of giving spiritual advices. He works under me; obliged to do as I order, still he tries to teach me how I should behave. Had I not share childhood memories with him, I would have thrown out this kind of a person from my court. I decide to send for him tomorrow.

“What the hell you are up to?”

It happened what I was afraid of. She is following thought of mine sitting inside my brain. My bitterness increases and I don’t know how to deal with her. I remained calm anyway, “You should have slept at night.”

“I am probably catching insomnia from you?”

I remain silent as determined not to respond to any provocation. But she is someone with whom strategies fail. She carries on,

“Forget you habit of chasing girls, Man! Concentrate in something constructive, like painting, music, movies or books instead.”

It is not possible to hide my bitterness after this. I chew some words, “If you are a goddess who is trying to show people the triumph of morals, please go to some temple. I will go and worship you periodically. Moreover you will earn many more devotees to listen to you there. If you want, I will build a beautiful temple for you, with golden pot on its peak, with doors wrapped in silver. You will stay in a golden icon and seat on a silver throne instead of this mortal body lying in a jungle tent. You body will be covered with much more gold and many more precious stoned than I am wearing. That is the place you deserve. Now I have no doubt about your divine power. Only a goddess takes the responsibility of keeping a person on right path. Once back to my palace, I will start building your temple.”

She takes pause before answering, “You messed up dude! Am not transplanted inside you, am transformed into you. Gold and silver cannot change that reality.”

Does she sound sad? She sounded so. I try to take another chance – but this is a man’s body! You deserve a beautiful female one. You deserve the most attractive one of a goddess, people in this world can imagine.”

After long she sighs, “I find you more attractive than a goddess. Your eyes play tricks more than a goddess’s do. I was watching you in the mirror last night. You have magical lips. Don’t think I am having fun sitting inside you. Seeing one than being one is more pleasurable you know? You are a real stupid! Worse than Joy, I mean! We should shut up!

I do not react – kept quiet with the hope of her stopping someday. Her last words enchant me.


To be cont.