Autumn afternoon is always blissful in the forest. It happened several times that we did not find many forest animals to hunt during some of our hunting expeditions, did not see any beautiful girl en route, still returned my palace fulfilled. Only reason behind that is the abundance of nature – she offers it so unquestionably and equally every time I visit her that I never go back dissatisfied.  Especially autumn is the time for trees to transform from plush green to all shades of bridal gold, yellow and red. How come the viewers like me won’t savour the spectacular experience of seeing the youthful forest girl turn into a dazzling bride? As I walk on the forest floor, I feel the gentle breeze that plucks the golden leaves from the trees and makes a soft crispy carpet below my feet. The whispering breeze and rustling leaves together make the world’s most soothing music for me. In the warm sunlight of the afternoon, sitting on the rich earth glowing in hope under the tall and strong trees around, I slowly loss myself in my passionate dream. My dreams of carrying my majestic beauties in my arms keep me alive – the world may not be able to understand –why do they need to? King Dushmanta reigns in the world, tomorrow some other king will replace him. Royal crafts will remain the same forever. Not only for winning the terrible wars, great Kings will always be remembered for their expertise in the art of pleasure. The art of pleasing ladies goes beyond the capacity of grant-seeking Brahmins, but falls in the domain of the King who dares.

The daylight dies in a slow pace; the evening breeze becomes cooler and crisper. Botu and my huntsman shows between the gray silhouettes of the thoughtful trees. No, I am not rushing. I have never been lost in the game of love. This time too I will win – and this naive friend of mine will accessorize me with the stories of my newly budding love tomorrow. Tonight I will go to bed with my blinkering optimism – – my heart filled with novel reveries.


To be cont.