So she is an orphan! Her father, the seeker of indomitable spiritual power did not bother about her. That is good news for me – at least I am not going to be cursed by a powerful sage for spoiling her adorable daughter’s life. Fathers are captivated in their own dreams. We men spend life to achieve our dreams in this mortal life. If not possible in one life, our search for the perfect power resumes in next life. I too do not have idea how my daughters are doing in my palace. If I had sons, I had the responsibility to educate them to become a worthy descendant of my legendary lineage. Daughters are not father’s responsibility.  But how come a mother runs away leaving her newborn uncared in the forest? My human heart cannot find an answer for this. Is that why we mortals are warned against relationship with nymphs? True she was duty bound to Indra. But why did not she take her daughter to the paradise? Did she leave her assuming life of earth would be better for her daughter than life of a nymph in paradise? Why not then she kept her in the sage Kanva’s hermitage nearby? Probably she did not mind her daughter to die in the paws of forest animals than adopting a nymph’s life? Or did she want her child to die without leaving a trace of Indra’s devious trick on this earth?

“Why do you bother dear Dussi!” No, she is not a delusion of my lover heart. I am destined to listen to Peggy’s voice time to time. And now I do not mind listening to her. Botu’s leaving me already creates a void it seems. Finding someone to be irritated with too seems fine. Kings in own land do neither have opponents, nor many friends who oppose them. Moral preaching sometimes helps me understand how important it is for a king to be immoral. Petty moralities are pebbles which make uneven roads for common people. The King’s chariot crushes those pebbles under their wheels. Crushing moral creates the road to royalty.

She seems mocking at me, “You are showing me what patriarchy means.”

“Hmm – patriarchy?”

“Yup – you mean father is no way responsible for a child, only the mother should be? I would take Menaka an exemplary figure for modern woman. Why should women take responsibility of children when you men deny it? What she has done is prefect – throw the child away when father refuses to take liability. Huf!”

“Hmm – I see how our future will take shape.”

“How do you expect Indians will follow the same savage rules through the ages? We had already crossed post-modern era – I mean in future. You sound a rotten primitive, actually!”

“You know what I am thinking now?” – I want to discuss my plans with her now.

“Sorry? I was talking – not listening to you.”

“Well, now listen. That girl is abandoned in childhood. Daughter of a nymph should be available for a King, especially when her father is not keen to raise her. The Brahmins who raised her might have taken good care of her but there is hardly any chance the old man would curse me for seducing his foster daughter. Story of her birth will justify her non-committal behavior, right?”

“Oh yes, so even in this era – you have the concept of use and throw? You were more advanced than we imagine you were, dude!” – Peggy keeps on adding new vocabulary.

“I am unable to understand ‘use and throw’ and I do not care. A king has to consider all option to reach his target and carefully analyse the hurdles those might come on the road to success. I am doing just that. And I do not think there is much trouble.”

“And you are going to become a monster for now? Good! Can’t stop you anyway. What I can predict is she going to be a pain on your back later someday. Good luck!”

I understand its time she will go silent again. I immerse myself in the dream of the girl I aim at.

The daughter of a celestial nymph should possess extraordinary articulation. I saw how   youthful and vibrant she is. Her mother is well-versed in all the fine arts. Does she possess the same qualities?  How melodious is her voice? Will she dance celestial dance for me? IS it possible to get her as my court dancer? Menaka is the most beautiful and most powerful among the Apsaras in Indra’s celestial court. When she had stayed so long with a bearded hermit in a jungle, she might have fallen deeply in love with him.  Both the sage and the nymph might have had fallen in love with each other beyond human imagination. They might have had an intense and passionate relationship. And their daughter might possess the qualities of both of them. Did the girl inherit spiritual powers from her father?

I do not feel intense love for the girl now, but an intense curiosity that kills me from inside. I want to explore her body, also her mind.


To be cont.