At the end of a fruitful journey

As my loyal horse takes me towards the tent cutting the forest once again, I remember Peggy. I call her, “Where are you dear Peggy, have you heard her story?” She remains speechless. I lose myself in deep thought of the lady of my dream who is spending her youthful days in the shade of a forest despite having enchanting prettiness in form as well as virtues.

I hear Peggy’s voice after long – by the time I almost reached my tent.

All on a sudden she speaks, as if she got up from sleep –“Don’t worry prince charming, she will be yours. I don’t think you will need me after tomorrow. I prefer to stay with those hundred abandoned women in your palace and recite the same prayer they read before each of you hunting sessions – “Be victorious My King. May celestial power help you find your fertile soil that would bear you a son to carry the legacy of the great Chandras. We will stay happy in the forgotten corner of your palace looking at your glory forever.”

“Cannot you spend a day without hitting me, Peggy?”

“Only if you had the sense to understand!”

“Soon I will loss all kinds of potency – including understanding – having your kinds of women playing around with me.”

“Oh yes, our kind of women, whose suppressing own desire till death glorifies your dynastic legacy for centuries. Why don’t these women cease to exist?”

“I never told you to cease to exist. You know how much I need women. But I need a son too. A king has to think pragmatic.”

“True, you men are always pragmatic.”

“Peggy, please try to understand.” – I do not know why I am try to appease her – a women of no origin, may be a working class one who was busy in the weaving cloths in some weaver’s home few days back. I cannot justify my insanity that led me calling her at this moment. She doesn’t reply, but I know she is listening.

I feel the necessity of saying something more, “Peggy, as long as you came from our future, you know how vital it is to ensure our existence in future. My having a son will ensure pleasing my clan by securing it’s existence in this earth, and I find pleasure in my clan’s pleasure. Please respect my privacy – at least for next few days. I hope you understand.”

I hope she does.


Peggy goes anxious

Finally I am convinced that the intellectual incapability of the body inside which I have taken shelter is below normal. The stupid fellow is worried about his privacy when carrying another person inside his body! I felt like telling him direct how watching his attractive face and bare body everyday arouse me beyond my expectation. I didn’t showing some mercy at the poor guy. Even I am worried about being witness of a couple’s intimate moments. I watched porn movies sporadically only to collect idea about erotic stories, when my boss assigned me some of those; never had a desire to watch a live show. I am a middle aged undesirable woman spent a life almost without having physical intimacy with potential lovers. And this guy is a habitual womanizer! I feel like crying once again, but then the tear will well up in his eyes – I never imagined my life could be so frustrating. And this stubborn nonsense has no idea of my emotional crisis.

I decide to keep my mouth shut for next few days, even if shutting my eyes may not be always possible.

To be cont.