Joy and happiness filled the kingdom. The king couldn’t be called barren.any longer. The glitter in the underground palace too went on growing every passing day. The King carried on counting days.

Abundance blessed the Kingdom after Madankumar’s birth. Number of elephants grew in the elephant shed, number of horses in the horse-shelter. Overflowing milk kept the ground of the cowshed wet, grains overflowed farmer’s granaries, flowers covered the roads in the flower gardens, excess fruits in the trees ripened in the trees, water in the rivers and lakes flowed forever, beggars and destitute built own homes, the precious stones in the kings treasury spilled over the roads and playgrounds, markets and ports. The kingdom became rich.

Prince Madankumar danced and played in the dark underground palace, He learned to read and write. He completed learning all twelve Vedas and eight lessons by the time the twelve-year period was almost over. Only three days were left — we do not know what revolved in his mind, what brought tears in his eyes — he went to his mother, sat on her lap and said, “Mother, I am twelve now, but do not know how the sun and the moon look like.”

Embracing him the queen said, “You waited so long, my gem of the heart! Only two more days are left. Then not only the planets, entire kingdom will be yours.”

Madankumar did not listen. Embracing his mother’s feet he cried:

“Please open the door, mother, forgetting your sacred vow.I will kill myself if I cannot see the planets now.”

The affectionate mother’s heart broke in fear, she fell unconscious. The nurse sent the doorkeeper to inform the king.

The king shuddered with fear recalling the words of the monk. His mouth dried. Calling all his priests, pundits, yogis and astrologers, he asked their opinion, “Three days are left to complete twelve years — shall we open the door or not?”

Counting and calculating a lot, the astrologers declared, “When Madan is telling he would commit suicide unless the door is opened, what else we shall do? The twelve year timeline is almost reached — you may open it now.”

The king too had no other choice. He ordered, “O-P-E-N!”

Hundred of axes, and hammers, and clubs broke the closed door of the stone-palace open.

Joyful Madankumar came out in the open — thousand flowers seemed blooming on earth, all splendour of the universe seemed arrived on the earth. Whoever seen the prince before, felt they had seen him on the first night of waning moon, as if the full moon on his glorious chariot finally arrived from under the ground.Those who did not see him before found him like the shining Sun-god stepping out from his underground palace. The kingdom dazzled with his rays.

People from everywhere came running to have a look of him. The queen came to give him a bath with aromatic oil. Madankumar, smeared with sandal-paste and brows lined with black kohl, having royal lunch of five Payas and eight delicacies along with his father, arrived in bejeweled dress of fourteen gemstones to adorn the royal court.

“Good luck, Gods bless us all!” — was that all the courtiers chanted. The conch-shells of the royal palace announced ascend of the crown-prince.