The Argument

An argument was going on.

The first arguing mammal was telling that meat becomes tasty if first fried and then boiled.

The second opposed immediately saying, “Meat cannot be cooked easily if fried first. Hence it is better to be boiled well at first and then it can be fried drying excess water in the vessel. You do not have proper idea of cooking.”

-“As if I don’t know cooking! Not only the meat should be fried first, also the spices should be fried along.”

-“Cook-books do not say that.”

-“Forget about cook-books! I have heard from acclaimed chefs that meat has to be first boiled- “

-“Don’t you abide by the rules of cook-book?”


-“May I know why?”

-“Because different cook-books have different opinions. That is why opinion of the chefs who cook on their own on a regular basis should be taken as authentic.”

The first arguer looked puzzled now; however his mind started functioning at once. -“Not all chefs have same opinion either!”

-“Chefs who like to first fry meat are no chefs, but dumb chaps. Do you know what the Japanese do?”

The first arguer lost patience. He reacted, “I do not know what Japan means. Who are you to humiliate chefs? You uncivilized brat!”

– “Stop it! Hold your tongue! You are not aware of anything of the world, still trying to be a bragging arguer – Bonehead!”

-“You are calling me bonehead again!?”

-“I will call you bonehead again and again.”

 -“I see – let me have it out …“

-“You crook!”

The argument turned into a battle.

A jackal was enjoying their dispute sitting nearby. He started laughing seeing them preparing for a fierce battle; said, “Hey men, aren’t you both vegetarian? Why do you indulge in such a riot over non-veg food? You will be in trouble once your master gets up.”

They did not pay attention to the words of the jackal; started fighting violently with their horns pounding against each other’s.  

The coachman suddenly woke up to find the pair of his bullocks fighting among themselves. He was well aware of the right method to stop that kind of battle. With appropriate use of his bamboo stick and suitable abusive words, he succeeded to tie the bullocks separately keeping right distance between them. He also placed fodder before them –“Eat! You rascals – don’t try to be smart!”

The bullocks were given only rice-straws.


I too woke up all on a sudden. Coming out of drowsiness I found that the two aggressive young men, who were arguing with each other over the hot issues of Japan and Germany, Hitler and Mussolini etc, already got off. The train stopped in the station named Nathnagar.

I translated few stories of
Balaichand Mukhopadhyay (Banaphul) and published in my google blog for English-speaking readers. Republishing here while blogger is going to be closed. This story is translation of “Tarko o swapno”.

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