Bubenried or the Marshland of the Boys

This is a story from Hessen region.

In the district of Gross-Bieberau there is a valley called Bubenried towards Ueberau. Locals did not go there at night as had fear meeting some hair-raising unknown there.

Eiserner Vorhang in Hessen : picture from Wikimedia commons

Long back, even before the days of war and famine broke out in the region, there lived two beggar boys. They took care of each other with much affection. Since they came to the valley, they always used to share their alms with each other. .

They had saved only a couple of sheet-metal coins those days, but the rich Schulz gave one to a poor soul so that he could share that with his spouse. Anyway they shared everything else well between them. So one afternoon after a hard days begging, returning their abode the boy took out the loaf of bread he earned from his sack. The smell of the fresh bread was so good that he held it close to his nose. He smelled it once, then twice and thrice – the sweet smell made him greedy. He no longer wanted to share it with the other boy, rather keep it to himself. He began eating it instantly.

The peace between them came to an end. That was the first time they quarreled, and from the words it came to scuffling and wrestling. None of them could dominate the other. Each one tore a pole from the pen to fight with each the other as if they were led by the evil spirit. After fighting long they fatally hit on each other’s head. Both died together. It was such a ferocious fight that even after three nights after the violent death of both, no leaf on any tree around that marshland dared moving – no bird sang in the valley. After their death they turned into monsters and staying there since then. You will hear them whimpering and whining once you go there.

Which war the story is talking about? Since 15th century the ownership of the region changed hands several times and hence might have seen many wars. IN recent history we know of 30 years war that took place in 18th century and at the end of which the region became part of Großherzogtum (Grand Duchy) Hessen.

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