Kathakali Mukherjee is into language and literary studies. She studied Sanskrit – Epigraphy and ancient Indian history. Her passion for learning languages led her to learn couple of European languages too. Her professional stint as librarian, technical translator, language teacher and management professional facilitated her to use those languages as well as discover associated cultures.
She writes fiction and short stories; also works on literary translation with an intention to publish less known literary works of big cultural and historical significance. Being an explorer in the ocean of literature, she considers literary works composed in ancient and middle ages a strong support that helps one to delve deeper in cultural environment of a specified geography. Currently she is looking at the treasure trove of folktales left by unknown storytellers and collected by esteemed Bengali and German researchers in 18th-20th century.
Food and poems energizes her. She writes poems during her busy days – when writing seems a compulsion but time does not permit to sit at the writing desk. She also explores traditional but easy to cook Indian dishes in her lazy hours. Obvious that her website has space for poems and delicacies too.