A collection of short stories

Among 19th century Bengali authors, Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay is the pioneer of Bengali prose literature. The translator selected few pieces from “Lokrakasya” (selection of articles previously published in Bangadarshan – the Bengali monthly Bankimchandra published, with a purpose to introduce English speaking readers to satiric articles of the author, who is in general remembered for his historical novels and patriotic ideas.

The Secrets of the Humankind (eBook)

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‘Shades of a dream’ illustrate dream – that keeps all mortals moving. How dream of an achievement propels our mundane activities, how we forget responding to humanity on our way of fulfilling dreams and how we react when a dream remains unfulfilled. Characters of the story are human; only come from social circles different from ours. Probably they are little obsessed with their dreams. Don’t we find ourselves in them sometimes?

Shades of a Dream