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    • ‘Shades of a dream’ illustrate dream – that keeps all mortals moving. How dream of an achievement propels our day-to-day activities, how we forget responding to humanity on our way of fulfilling dreams and how we react when a dream remains unfulfilled. Read the collection of two stories here:

    • Is it sheer monotony or search for excitement that leads adult people to fall in love outside the sphere of marriage, which we sometimes define as extra-marital affair? Do we always consider extra-marital love unjust? Probably no – that is how the love story between Dhiresh and Priya evolves. Let’s have a look.



A series on German Folktales :

das Kyffhäuserdenkmal 2015-01

    • “A wave of simultaneous terror and delight made the old man speechless.” The Artful Thief

    • Death agreed, “That I can do!” He took a long candle as if he wanted to put the tiny one on the top of that, but intentionally pushed the tiny on it such a way that it went off. The doctor fell down lifeless at the same moment.Death – the Godfather

    • A story from medieval Europe when feudalism was no longer the dominant in Europe – people found adventures far away from home good option to earn fortune: The Millet-thief


Articles on medieval Bengal and its literature

A series with fables from Bengal

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